• 'Cause there's no antidote for this curse.
  • Passionate from miles away, passive with the things you say.
  • Que estando triste cantava.
  • Fica-se logo perdido com vontade de chorar.
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  • In the land of gods and monsters, I was an angel living in the garden of evil [TFQG]
  • One day I'll fly away... leave all this to yesterday.
  • If things are resolved into the elements from which they came, then there will be others [BotH 5.6]
  • I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than ten thousand rocks on the lake [DTAT]
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  • Sarah:  Pops Goes The World  round 1
  • My 2017 favorite Actresses 15
  • Astrid Clarke Audition
  • I must be dreaming

  • Where is my mind ? (TSR)
  • If you loved why you'd leave me ? (TSR)
  • Will you still love when I'm no longer young and beautiful. (ATT)
  • I want something just like this. (ATT)

  • yasss
  • this is gonna b lit
  • this is gonna be lit
  • liz

  • chloe/alec intro
  • you're like that cigarette. that shot of 100 proof. no matter how much i get i'm always craving that feeling when we kiss, the way your body moves. no matter how much i get i'm always craving you.
  • ayy, i remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances
  • [insert title here]
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  • your love was hand-made for somebody like me.
  • Where does her start go from here?
  • I only wanna do bad things to you
  • know I'm not the only one Who regrets the things they've done

  • TGL // Audition
  • TS:PC // Withdrawal + Offer
  • TS:PC // The Selection Playlist #1
  • TS:PC // ROUND#3 "First Dates"

  • All of my concerns focus on only you
  • I got hustle though, ambition, flow, inside my DNA
  • "Fun? I was never fun. You take that back!"
  • Blame it on my confidence
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  • Through the night {gd}
  • Mask off {gd}
  • Cave me in {tf}
  • Iron girl (@jihyo → @hatfelt)